Areas of Practice

Probate Litigation

Bachrach & Bachrach handles most types of family law cases, including divorces, adoptions, and other types of probate. This includes defending will contest cases as well as pursuing will contest cases when the issue warrants it. In fact, as a result of appealing and winning a will contest case before the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, Attorney Barry Bachrach of Bachrach & Bachrach has now set precedent regarding procedural issues that will save clients money in pursuing or defending their cases.

Cases of Interest

Valente Executor v. Saari, Worcester Superior Court Docket No.: WOCV2011-02136-D
This case involved multiple counts against the defendants, including, but not limited to, breach of fiduciary duty, fraudulent conveyance, and conversion, which resulted in the Worcester Superior Court awarding our client over 4.3 Million Dollars.